ASHER, GAUGHRAN LLP: because every student has a right to learn.

Our firm represents parents and children in the fields of general and special education law, and where school or institutional abuse has occurred. We advocate for children with disabilities who are ill-served by their schools, on issues ranging from failure to provide services a child needs, to litigating for tuition reimbursement in cases where parents must place their children in private schools.

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A parent choosing an educational lawyer has a lot to think about.   You need an experienced attorney with impeccable credentials, expansive legal knowledge, and years of successful experience in the field. You want a persuasive and a zealous advocate for the rights of your child, someone as comfortable tactfully steering a Committee on Special Education meeting in the right direction as she is aggressively litigating in federal court.

Asher, Gaughran, LLP has broad experience in general education matters, from representing students in disciplinary proceedings, to securing testing accommodations for ACT and SAT exams.  We have vindicated the constitutional rights of children in federal court, and have successfully represented college students facing expulsion or other disciplinary action. Asher, Gaughran offers unsurpassed legal representation marked by unusual sensitivity to the needs of your child and your family.

Tell us what you and your child need. We will listen.

For further assistance or to schedule an appointment with our attorneys, please email us or call 914 273 3187.

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